Saturday, June 19, 2010

My favorite Color

So on my last post, I asked if you had any ideas for themes or categories of pictures to post, and many of you said you liked the randomness! I completely agree, however, today I'm doing a themed post.

The theme for this post is my new favorite color..........which happens to! Mint green, mint blue, whatever you want to call it. I've noticed that mint has been a very popular color for nailpolish lately, so naturally, my nails are painted mint. (ok I really need to stop saying the word mint after every two words.)

Here are the photos!

I am really loving this mint fridge and the matching toaster!!
Also these minty colored bikes....

Do you have a specific favorite color like me? coral, lavendar, etc.

Or, do you have a normal, typical favorite color? red, blue, green, etc.

-Regan :)


jemina said...

YAY!!! Mint is my favourite colour too, love this colour, xoxo

Daria Hlazatova said...

my favourite is aquamarine, and mint is great too! i really like all those photos your post! although looking at the cupcakes i can't but think that they look way much better than they taste. :)

Kim said...

what a pretty blog you have, my oh my. I love the idea of colour themed posts. Powder blue is my favourite colour, although i have an affinity towards all pastel colours. ,x,x,x

Thanks for stopping by my blog. .x.x

Ashley said...

this is such a yummy color!

S and O said...

that is a yummy color! and these photos are ever so inspiring :)
My favorite color is pink -- the brighter the better!



I love mint, I've got a new mint colored short. I really love it!
Your blog is amazing!

xx fesi-fashion

Anonymous said...

The minty iced birthday cake = YUM.
I love the old mint colour on some retro scooters.

knk said...

lovely cupcakes green looks awesome

ergyerg said...

Ohh yum yum! Lovely post, i lovve that colour! xxx

passport in my pocket said...

hmmm, Robin's egg blue is my fave!

but I adore mint chocolate chip ice cream :)

Chelsea and Korina said...

I love all the cupcake photos and the tiffany colored nails! My all time favorite color is lavendar.

Vintage Vixen said...

I love turquoise! Those vintage suitcases are fabulous. Great selection.
How about flea markets as a theme?

Anonymous said...

makes me want mint icecream :)

thanks for your comment!

Krystal said...

these pictures are so great!!

Tori said...

You have a really great talent. :D Mint is an awesome color.