Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Celebrating our 50th Post!

I know that lately I have been posting photos that have not been taken by me, but luckily, finally, I had a chance to take some pictures yesterday! To celebrate our 50th Post, I decided to finally post my own photography. Most of them I can't share until this weekend.....it's a suprise so I can't tell you too much about Saturday's post, but it will be very interesting, so come back and take a look this Saturday!
Anyway. Here are some random pictures that I snapped yesterday.

Mmmmh, doghnuts (My whole life, I have never figured out how to spell the word "dognut" Do you know how to spell it??)

This picture above reminds me of childhood. I'm not sure why....probably because my little sister and her friend decided to wear their matching converse one day. :) Nowadays, at my age (14) my friends and I would NEVER want to match. Haha!
I seriously use this neaklace of mine in like half of my photos. It's a bit hidden in the next one...

I bought this nailpolish the other day....the color is amazing.
(Theres a heart on the thumb.)

Ok, now for some glitter photos. You should really go out and buy a tub of glitter. Literally. It is so photogenic (probably spelled that wrong too, as well as the stupid doghnut thing.) and fun to play with!

In these photos we just kinda dumped it into the birdbath in the garden out front......my mother still hasn't found out yet... and I'm hoping she wont!

I hope you enjoyed these! I am really loving my new camera, and I'm glad I finally got around to doing a post with all of my own photograpy. ALSO we have 43 followers now! Thank you so much everyone, now lets try to make it to 50!

DONT FORGET to send me your favorite photo that you've either taken, or found online. E-mail me it at desertwaves@earthlink.net with a link to your blog as well, and I will post them on Friday, with a link to your blog as well as the photograph. Thanks!




the southern hostess said...

Beautiful! I'm in love with those doughnuts.

ergyerg said...

Lovely photos you've taken, i like the glitter ones :)

Sarahhh.Fashion said...

Congrats on your brill blog :) keep up the good work, what a gorg set of photos :) Sarah 0x

Lillian Chang said...

Congrats on your fiftieth post!! :)
These photographs are gorgeous, what beautiful photographic skills you have (I'm jealous...I need to learn!) :)

Iva said...

Happy 50th post!

Indigo said...

lovely photos!!! XX

Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow you have AMAZING photos!! congratulations on your 50th post!


PhotoPuddle said...

Happy 50th!!
And yum, I could dive right into those doughnuts!!

Anonymous said...

Regan this is fantastic post. Happy 50th post, good for you. Your photos are all great especially the glitter pool you created...it looks like so much fun.

The word is spelled D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T, but totally got what you mean, which is also appetizing, just had some the other night.

I think I have a photo of mine you might be interested in and I will email it to you soon. Let me know what you think once you've received it.

{thanks so much for your sweet comment on my grandpa Larry's post, appreciate it very much}


Farah said...

Great post, love it all, just found your blog!!!



suzyQ said...

Love these. I didn't realize you were 14... I thought maybe 20's or something! I guess it's just maturity!

My favorite is the nail polish picture. I love the vintage-looking note in the background.

Karin Zhou said...

you are 14? wow amazing! I'm 15 by the way. haha. love your glitter photos the most! you are good!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

colorfull post..
so wanna exchange link and follow me??

OneCraftyFox said...

Congrats on the 50th post!! You have selected some fun and lovely images to celebrate :)

Have a beautiful day, sweetie!

Emilie said...

Love it!

Danielle said...

These photos are perfection.

Amadea Larissa said...

love itttt. the glitters <3

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love all of the photos here. They´re bursting with colors! Can´t wait to see more of them soon. :)

And yes, Lady Gaga´s shoes are super ridiculous, if there´s such a term. hahaha!

S.Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous photography! I love glitter, and these shots are so stunning
And ha I think it's spelled doughnut (I only know this because of Dunkin Doughnuts!) and you spelled photogenic right!

CC said...

Fab photos! The D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T-S looks amazing. ;)
Glitter! *heart* Xx

Candy said...

I love the glitter! Your photography is amazing!
How old are you & how long have you been doing photography? :)

Dina's Days said...

Are your really 14? You take pictures like a professional. I am such a fan. I've been taking photos like these for a few months now, it's so much fun.
I'm new to your blog..is it too late to send you a photo?

Anonymous said...

I can never spell that word either. It's probably "doughnuts" but I always forget the G and then spellcheck gets mad and me, and I give up and just spell it donut. Because everyone still knows what I'm talking about. :)

I'm a new follower and I love your blog!!! :D