Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know this is a little late to be posting about my weekend, but I've been so busy the last few days! On Sunday, we have this tradition of making the same breakfast on Mothers Day, my moms birthday, and my birthday. WE make hawaiian sweet bread french toast with strawberries, whipped cream, and macadamia nuts. Yum!! It's worth all the calories, in my opinion. :)

Also some turkey sausage..

The we went to a park to have a picnik for lunch. I wore some floral prints to celebrate the lovely spring weather.
At the park there was this little pond, and we saw baby ducks! They were so so so cute. There was actually two ducks who had babies, so we saw about 15 baby ducklings. I tried to snap some pictures before they swam away, but they didnt turn out too well.

When we came back, my sister decided to give my dog a bath...which of course, she thought was a punishement of some sort.

Then, I decided to have a little photoshoot with my cat and his friends.

I thought this was so funny! He just sat there while we put his little barbie friends around him. :) (All photos are my own photography.)

What did you do over the weekend? Or, any plans for the upcoming weekend?


xoLauraox09 said...

Haha love the photo shoot of the cat and his little 'friends' :D !


x x x x

Mariel Torres said...

that toast looks DELICIOUS! and i am really loving the floral skirt :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh all that food looks phenomenal. What is the new blog name going to be?