Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted since Tuesday!
 Or was is Wednesday? Anyway, I was out of town the rest of the week and I just got back about 10 min. ago.

I went to California and Disneyland for a school trip
 I promise to do a long post later tonight, or tomorrow, and to get back on all your lovely comments.

 Thanks! xoxo!


(photos all from, none are my own photography.)


Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow! amazing photos! the starbucks one is really cool!!

Dancing Branflake said...

I fell in love with Disneyland and I can't wait to see your posts!


oh... those dresses, and then the cupcakes ! Delish....

Anonymous said...

OMG those photos are SOOO cool!!!

I love <3 LOVE your blogggg!!!

Btw, I am loving that Toyota-corolla. it is FUNKYY!! hahah

OH, and cute starbucks cup!

Follow me back??

Have a lovely day!!

Mariel Torres said...

i am loving that house and its garden! i think it should be my inspiration ;)