Monday, May 24, 2010

My Disneyland Weekend

Over the weekend, I went to Disneyland! Of course, I brought my new camera, and fooled around with it a bit. Here are some pictures I took on the trip...........sorry they aren't that great, we didnt have much time to stop and take photos!

On the bus ride there, I pretty much spent the whole time listening to my ipod.....with my rhinestoned headphones, of course.
I've also recently become a vegitarian, so I pretty much lived on pretzel sticks the whole weekend! It's so hard to find vegitarian food at fast food stops and such.
For dinner, the night we got there, we went to Midevil Times. (sorry for the spelling) They served us food without any silverwear, and we watched some horse show/fighting/knites type thing. We sat in these bleachers while we ate and watched the show.

We were cheering for the yellow team, and the guy on the yellow horse was handing out real flower carnations to random people in the audience! And it just so happened that he gave one to me!

The next morning, we went over to Disneyland! I carried around my new purse and my camera everywhere I went!

I think Disneyland is so pretty at night. I love all of the bright lights and colors!

On the bus ride home, it started to rain. I absolutely love rain, because here in Arizona it hardly ever rains! I snapped a few pictures of my window.

Sadly, these were the only pictures I managed to take :( We were so busy standing in lines and walking around everywhere! Since I feel bad about leaving you with these boring photos, I grabbed a few disneyland photos off of WeHeartIt to share with you.

I am also officially changing this blogs name to:

I will probably be changing the name later tonight, and trying to find a picture for a new header! However, I am keeping the html the same:, because if I changed the html address, you would all have to re-follow and that would get complicated.

One more thing: This thursday is the LAST day of school for me! Summer, here I come! To celebrate summer, which I am SO excited for, I will be doing a long post of summer photography for you. So check back up on Friday!



Dancing Branflake said...

How fun! Okay, I seriously did not see those Mickey nuggets anywhere or else I would have eaten them everyday!

I love your new title and can't for the new header.

Jill said...

Your camera takes awesome photos!

I like the new name!
XO Jill

Gem said...

your blogs really cute, sooo i have decided to foloow it :) i love some of the pictures you have taken aswell AND im totally obssessed with we hear it tooo, gotta love it ♥

gem xx

ergyerg said...

Awww that looks lovely! I hope you enjoyed it :D
Looking forward to the summer photos!! xxxx

Rachael Thomas said...

Aw! You made me want to go to Disney Land even more! I haven't been in almost 5 years! WONDERFUL photos.. I love the Micky Mouse Chicken Nuggets!!