Monday, July 05, 2010


Hello. :) Before I get to picture posting, I have three things to mention.

#1. I GOT MY FIRST BLOG AWARD!!! Thank you Sunny Days and Starry Nights for giving me this award. And the rules:

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Link the person who has given you the award

3. Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered

4. Let these 15 people know that you've given them an award

And the 15 bloggers I award are as follows (in no particular order):

Dancing Branflakes
I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now
If You Never Did, You Should
Its All About The Photos
Little BLue Deer
Sea of Shoes
The Flowerchild Dwelling
The Owl Diary
The Soho
Wild and Precious

#2.  I know I havent done any of my own photography posts in quite some time, but I'm going out to take pictures today, so I should have some of my photography posted sometime soon!

#3. We almost have 100 followers! Only 5 more to go!

Alright, now for some inspirational photos......



Nat Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much my love!
Keep up your blog beauty my love ♥

jemina said...

Congrats dear girl, you deserve it, XOXO

Fashion Fabrice said...

Congrats on the awerd:) I like your blog too!! The pictures in this post are great by the way! But now i want to eat candy haha!!:)



Nat Elizabeth said...

mwah, you deserve it

Ansa said...

Your insperational pics are amazing. xx

Leah said...

Beautiful photos... congrats on your award. Have a great week! xoxo

Barbara said...

Those photos are lovely and inspiring!

t.g.s said...

really lovely photos
great inspiration and mood lifter :)

Anonymous said...

Keep providing us excellent picture

Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow love the photos, the one with the girl with the butterfly clips is amazing!


Gem said...

aww thankyouu :) i lover thse pictures especially 6th and 15th ones - soooo cute :) xxx

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous photos, I especially love the one with the candy! Thank you for the award, I am adding you to my Honorable Mentions sidebar! XO!

Lillian Chang said...

What beautiful photos - inspirational indeed.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award :) I feel so honored!! :) :)

KAROLINA said...

beautiful pics and congratulations <3!

Marcie said...

Awesome photos! They are so whimsical. You have a great eye. I especially love the tip toe pic.

Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

kendall k. said...

Congrats on the award!! love your blog..

Tiffany said...

I love your picture loving spirit :) You have great taste. My faves are the ballerina, the red head with the origami butterfly, and the girl covered in paint holding a daisy :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Thank you so much! I love all your photos and I love your blog so much! Congrats on your award and keep dancing and taking your awesome photographs.

Quindome said...

What lovely pictures picks!

kelly ann said...

you are so sweet... thank you so, so much for the blog award, love! i really, really appreciate it. <3 this made me smile!

Eva said...

Wow ! congratulations are definitly in order here [for first award and almost reaching 100 subs ]

Oh and i really love the bubble popping photograph .. its so exact its mesmerizing .

Eva xx

Diana said...

congrats on the award girl :) also these pictures are amazinng i dont know how you find them all! but i love love love looking at them :)

ps i became your follower :)!

Wild and Precious said...

THANKS!!! dearie you rock!!

gillian said...

cool blog! amazing pictures!

the southern hostess said...

Thanks for the award, lovely girl!

The Owl Diary said...

i'm sorry this thank you is so late- but thank you so, so much for the award! You're the sweetest. xx