Monday, July 19, 2010

6th Blog Award, Decorated Starbucks Cup

Happy Monday!

Before I start posting pictures, I would like to announce that I have been awarded another blog award from The Beat My Heart Skips. Thanks so much!

The rules to this award are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

1. I was born in Hawaii! But sadly, I don't live there anymore. :(

2. I have an obsession with rings and would wear one on every finger if I had that many.

3. I wear flip flops every single day of my life, even in the middle of winter.

4. I have a pen pal, and we have been pen pals for 4 years! Since 5th grade. We still e-mail/write letters to eachother every few days.
5. I just won my first giveaway! From the wonderful blog Elle Sees.

6. One of my previous goals was to get 25 followers by the end of the I have 128 followers! How did that happen?? I started out with 15 followers at the beginning of the summer. Now my goal is to get 150 followers by the end of summer!
7. As you all know, photography is one of my main hobbies. I love taking pictures of anything creative, and I get most of my inspiration from photos I see on All of the photography I have posted so far are all from tumblr, and I hope someday I can take pictures as good as these!

3. Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
I pass this award on to.....

4. Let these blogs know that you have awarded them the Versatile Blogging Award.

Thanks again!

Lately, I have been seeing alot of photos of decorated Starbucks cups. So, I decided to decorate my own Starbucks cup and snap a few photos of it. Here they are:

The pictures didnt turn out as well as I hoped, but I has fun creating it! I highly reccomend decorating your own Starbucks cup sometime.




ergyerg said...

Well done!!!! I like the coloured in cup, haha!

gina said...

Thanks so much for the award!! You are awesome! :) Congrats on winning the giveaway too.

And decorating a starbucks cup sounds like a cool idea. I've been in a creative mood lately; I might try this out :)

xo, gina

Fashion wild said...


Sunny & Star said...

Congrats on the award!!

Love your starbucks cup that your decorated. It is so colorful!

I really like the photo of the ballerina and the one of the cat. So cute.

molly YEH! said...

hey that's me!! thanks chica!!

looove the pics you post! and what a cute idea to decorate a starbucks cup :-)

iheartkiwi said...

i love that you have a pen pal! snail mail is so much fun.

that custom starbucks cup is pretty awesome too... i'll have to give it a try!

Dancing Branflake said...

Congratulations! And those starbucks cups are awesome! You are way too creative... I love it!

Jen said...

Another award?? Dang girl, you know what that means don't you? It means you're FABULOUS!! :-)

Leah said...

Love your list, and cracked up when I saw that you wore flip flops all year round! I totally did that in High School and would love to do it now except for now I get cold!

Love your starbucks cup so fun!


Rio said...

Wow, I love your blog! Just became a follower! :)
-Rio (

jemina said...

Congrats on the award and you did well on the starbucks cup, so colourful and cute :) xoxo

Becca said...

Ooh thanks for the award, sweet girl!
I love, love, love your colourful starbucks cup. How long did it take you to fill in the whole thing?

Erimentha said...

hey regan,
wow! congrats on all the followers.

i must say...your photography is truly something else! its amazing :)

Valerie said...

Congratulations on the award!! I love the colorful starbucks cup. Well done!


Sofia's Journal said...

blog awards are sooo cute! i loved this post.

just wanted to let you know that i did reply to you about my fonts - check out my comment here:

Sofia x


these r beautiful photos! come follow me xoxo

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

thank you for this amazing award! i enjoyed reading the facts about you! i've only been to hawaii once, but i absolutely love it. it's literally paradise there!

also--your additions to the starbucks cup are super cute! you're a really good photographer! i love how you experiment with different angles. :)


Shukura Li said...

the macro of the cupcake the balletina and necklace are fabulous shots!!!


The World is a Pearl said...

I was born in hawaii too:) do people think it's fascinating when you tell them?
Love your blog!