Friday, July 22, 2011

Dougnuts, Kittens, and Oceans

None of these are mine!
All photos from my tumblr!

Any weekend plans?



r.alsharif said...

The doughnuts look so good and I absolutely love the picture of the guy! :D

Miss Amy said...

Stunning photos, Regan! Thank you for making my Friday even better. I love all things beautiful. :)

aguja said...

A true fairytale with lovely 'eats' and beautiful and tantalising photographs. A post to be enjoyed and by which to dream.

Marianna said...

The kittens are in color order xD

Gina said...

breathtaking photos! I always love seeing new posts from you!

xo, gina

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm trying to stay cool this weekend in the 115 degree temperature! Wish me luck!

April's Attic said...

WOW these photos are all amazing. i can't tell you how much i like each and every one of them. such great picks!

follow each other?


Hayley said...

awesome collection of photos!! I am loving your blog!

Now following you xx

Pink Fox said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!
These are some really gorgeous photos! I loove your blog, it's awesome! :) I'd really love if we'd follow each other! ;) xx

lifeisamaze said...

All these pictures are beautiful !

Mick Novitch said...

All those photos are awesome !

Love ur blog !

Alice and Gabriela said...

amazing pics!


Nikki said...

what a beautiful set of photos :) x

t said...

Nice pics! Totally want a donut now!

indie by heart said...

Thanks for your nice comment! <3

Gorgeous inspiration ! I think I have some on my tumblr-archives aswell.. :> If you follow each other, is the page! ^^

Jessica Di Giacomo said...

hi, thank you to visit me! Love this beautiful photo your blog it's full of inspirations!!!
thank you for this

Pretty Things said...

great inspiring post - thanks for sharing!


Sick by Trend said...

OMG you wanna kill me right? haha!! I need those donuts!! Lovely pictures too, very cool blog, I'm following

Look my blog and follow me if you like :)



Gabriella said...

AMAZING pictures once again!!!!

Jamie Rose said...

Oh my, all these pictures are so pretty and wonderful! I love them all!

Nikki said...

Kittens and donuts indeed. Too sweet!

amy said...

I love these! I love being out in nature. Got lots of favourites that I'm adding to my pinterest.. and ARENT THOSE KITTENS SOOO CUUUTE!?

Anonymous said...

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