Thursday, July 28, 2011

Books, Nutella, and Hot Air Balloons

All photos from my tumblr!
None are my own photography.

We have 399 followers!!!
Lets try to get 400!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week.



Sunny & Star said...

Love your pictures. They are so dreamy. And the puppies are too cute.

aguja said...

The wedding photograph is amazing.

r.alsharif said...

The puppies were adorable and the cupcakes looked delicious and the wedding truly was fairytale like! :D

Anna Walker said...

A Nutellaria! ?!?!?!?
AMAZING! I think their should be just as many of those as there are Starbucks! :)

Fashion Celebration said...

wow, so amazing pictures!!!


Gabriella said...

yet ANOTHER amazing post dear!

Råchel Opål said...

All extraordinary things :)

I always enjoy checking out the new fairytales on here, thank you.

wooden heartbeat said...

love all these photos, they just scream summer!

The Blonde Duck said...


Virginia said...

weddings and love make me cry! im such a sucker!

April's Attic said...

wow such great pictures! the ballet dancer one is amazing and the puppies are so adorable :)
follow each other?

Nikki said...

I am crazy for Nutella. I'm googling Nutelleria right now ;)

Pink Fox said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :)
Those are some really gorgeous photos! I like your blog and I'd love if we'd follow each other! ;)

Grace said...

Wow, amazing pictures!
Congrats on your 400

indie by heart said...

I always love your inspirational posts, this time was no exception!

Thanks for your comment on my blog ^^ ♥

xx indie by heart

Vistetecomopuedas said...

Amazing pictures, I published some of them on my blog and mentioned yours! Kisses!

Lisa said...

These pictures are so cute, I wouldn't even know what to google to find such cute pictures! I love all the outdoor ones with thew girls + the girl at the bookshelf + the cinnamon rolls, starbucks, & cupcakes + the soft little baby puppies! =)

Bad Joan said...

Love this collection of images! Each one is better than the one before!


lifeisamaze said...

Amazing photos together !

Anonymous said...

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