Friday, October 21, 2011

I finally took some more photos!

I'm back!! Sorry its been so long, things have been crazy! None of these photos are mine! All from my TUMBLR! 

I also took some photos of my lovely friends Courtney, Karly, and Lauren! Here are some of them!

Aren't they gorgeous?? Had so much fun taking these and the sunlight was actually perfect for once!
Any weekend plans? (I'm going to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow.) :)


Gem said...

ooh i love them all, soo pretty! im so jealous your going to see taylor swift i love her! have fun though ill be working :( xx

r.alsharif said...

They're all pretty! And the black and white picture is gorgeous!!! :D Hope you have fun at the concert!!

Gina said...

Simply stunning!! You're so talented, I must say :)

and have fun at the concert! you should take pictures!

xo, gina

Judith said...

Wow these photos are gorgeous!
x, Judith

Miss Amy said...

The photos you took of your friend are beautiful. The orange/yellow glow is gorgeous!

aguja said...

It is always a feast to look at your photo choices as they vary so much in atmosphere and content.

its simple love said...

Gorgeous! Very inspirational.


Rizalenio said...

Your lightings are perfect! :) Beautiful photographs. :)