Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wish Away

I'm not sure if most of you know this, but I used to have a blog called 1,000 wishes, where people submit their wishes and I posted them anonymously. I deleted that blog, but now I changed it into a blog on tumlbr!

Here are some of the wishes that have been submitted so far!

So far we have zero followers :(
Please visit, follow, and submit!
I would also love to visit your tumblr if you have one, so let me know!

Alright, now with some pictures. :)



K. said...

That's such a neat thing! I would follow it but I don't do Tumbler...I did submit a wish though!

Zombie said...

what a cute tiny two headed turtle! lol.

Hannah said...

cute post. i love your photos!


Essiefashion said...

Really nice :D

Sarah Knight said...

Lovely : )
And I want that paint :D

the bloody stocking said...


aguja said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad that I have found yours as I love fairytales ... and rings of flowers in hair.

I have never heard of Tumbler but, my wish would be that many, many children read my book, Violet Jelly' simply because it is a little whacky and fun to read and that it is the first part of a trilogy ... so there are two more to follow.

Also, Regan, I wish you success with your blog.