Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strawberrys, Elephants, and Cookies

We almost have 350 followers!!! :)
Any plans this weekend?



Clairejustine said...

Great photo's i love the nails,puppys and balloons

Abby said...

Gorgeous! I love that tattoo... seriously classy.

Gina said...

Beautiful photos--I love the one of the elephant!!

xo, gina-

Jessica said...

the macaroons, puppies and balloons are my favorite!

Marie said...

OMG! I`m SO in love with the last photo! Do you have any idea of where it might be?
Cheers for the yummy macaroons!
Also, are these your nails? :D

Gem said...

i love the nails, the elephant and that tattoo is amazing! xx

lisa. said...

i love your photos, espacially the nails and the tattoo! :)

Miss Aa said...

great photos
and the last photo makes me wonder wish i can get there
where is it..such a wonderful place..

already followed your blog..wish you can follow me back..