Sunday, January 23, 2011

Summer, Sandwhiches, and Food

All these lovely photos came from my TUMBLR!

A lot of these photos are very summery, because I simply can not wait for summer!

How was your weekend?


PhotoPuddle said...

I love all these photos! They really make me want to go on holiday and have something to eat!

gina said...

Cannot wait until summer either! I adore that last photo! Ah, if only these winter months will go by faster!

Thanks for sharing these :)

xo, gina

Jessica said...

aww, i loved your photos! i also am kind of excited about summer! love the little pop tarts on a stick. <3

Tiffany said...

Very pretty :)
What is that adorable creature sitting on a branch?? That's crazy funny ♥

Marie said...

I feel the same, I cannot wait for spring and summer!:D

Thanks for posting these dreamy photos!:D

***** Marie *****

Splenderosa said...

Why are we all drawn to the beautiful blue waters? Why does it make us smile to see a beautiful girl dancing on the sand?
So wonderful. Thank you for posting these images for us. xx's

"this fashion lark." said...

This photos are incredible! I particularly like the river with houses surrounding it, that is beautiful!

Zsara said...

I can't wait until Summer either - I'm getting fed up of being permanently cold! Bring on summer and warmth and sunshine and days to the beach with ice cream! :) xoxoxo

the-caramel-lady said...

Amaziiiiiing pictures !
Your blog is so nice! I love all your photos:)
I hope you will visit my blog,

ivy said...

i especially love the photos of the food :)

Eva (Stitchoux) said...

awesome <3