Tuesday, April 26, 2011

None of these are my on photography, all from my TUMBLR!

I also made these amazing oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!! I will post a recipe if you would like. :)

xoxo, Regan

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some More Pretty Pictures

It's been so long!! :(
I've been busy with a dance competition all weekend, but here are some lovely photos to start off your week:

All photos from my TUMBLR!

You also HAVE to check out this amazing blog, Neon Gypsy.
It's filled withinspirational pictures, poetry, writing, etc. Here are some of the photos from Neon Gypsy:

Thanks so much for the comments, and now we have 333 followers!! Lets try to get 400 now!

xoxo, Regan

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coronado Pictures, and Some Things I Bought

Instead of sharing a bunch of tumblr photos, like I usually do, I'll be sharing photos of some of the lovely little things that I've recently bought.

Yesterday I bought some earrings...

I'm so excited about my peacock feather earrings! I've been looking for them everywhere. Boght both pairs at forever 21.

I also bought this great blue sparkly nailpolsh and a green eyepencil.

And a few months ago, I got these two adorable little journals! The first I got from Francesca's.

 It's filled with these cute little drawings!

The other journal I bough from Anthropologie, and its one of the most amazing and unique things I have ever bought! Its filled with inspirational artwork, quotes, etc. It's called "The True and the Questions."

I've also been meaning to share some of the photos from my trip to Coronado! Here they are.

We went to this amazing ice cream place <3
There were also so many beautiful houses!

 My mom, sister and I went into this adorable little kids clothing shop:

 On our way home we stopped by he Burger Lounge, where I had the best veggie burger ever:
 And of course we had some mexican and BBQ food there....

 For breakfast, we went to this adorable little place called the Coffee Shop.

 And for lunch, we went into this tiny little mexican food place. We got the California Burrito, which had fries in it!
 My mom and I visited this beautiful Japanee garden, and of course took lots of cherry blossom pictures.
 And of course I had to have my dad take a jumping/dance picture of me on the beach. :)

Allof the photos on this post are mine, hope you enjoyed them, and hope your are all having a lovely weekend!

xoxo, Regan