Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey guys! Well, it looks like I'll only be able to blog on the weekends for a while. :( With school and 15 hours a dance a week, its almost impossible to find time to blog. Anyways, I have made a new tumblr, of just dance andballet photos! Heres the link to it:

And, here are some photos from my new dance blog!

Also, heres the lin to my other tumblr, if you want to check that out too:

Check out my new blog,!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Photos....

Wow, I haven't posted in so long!! So sorry. My computer was freezing up and it wouldn't let me get back on your lovely comments from your last post, so I'm sorry about that too!!

Well, here are some random photos that I've taken in the past month or so:

What are you doing over the weekend? Any special plans?

xoxo, Regan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Unlock Me

So, I took some more pictures. And they are seriously sooo creepy, but I love them!! Here they are...

I especially love this last one.


What do you think?

Any weekend plans?

xoxo, Regan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So, I took some pictures. But they didnt exactly turn out how I wanted them to be........I was hoping for the pretty/creative look, but instead they turned out to be the creepy/exorcism look:

Haha. See what I mean?

Anyways, I FINALLY got around to using the self timer on my camera, but I always seem to look awkward when I'm the only one in the picture.
So, I grabbed my pointe shoes, threw on a leotard, and heres what happened:

This next one, below........well, I can't decide if it belongs in the creepy/excorsism category, or if it belongs in the pretty/creative category. What do you think?
These next one turned out creepy........

I cant decide if I like them or not.

Anyways, I found this gorgeous dancer on youtube. His name is Chaz Buzan. Here's the link of a video of him, its absolutely stunning!

xoxo, Regan